Plug-in Manager

    Plug-in Manager will help users to manage plug-ins developed for CloudBuddy Personal.

  • The various functions of plug-in manager are:
    1. 1. Add a plug-in
    2. 2. Modify/replace a plug-in
    3. 3. Remove a plug-in
      1. Add a plug-in:

      2. The user needs to download the plug-in(s) from CloudBuddy website, before adding it to the plug-in manager, which is accessible using the context menu in taskbar or system tray
      5. User need to provide the path of plug-in and save the settings. On successful loading, the Plug-in will be displayed in the plug-in manager.
      7. If the plug-in is not successfully loaded, then a failure message will be displayed.
      9. Modify / Replace plug-in

      10. User will make use the plug-in manager to choose the higher version of plug-in, which got downloaded from the CloudBuddy website. If any lower version of same plug-in exists, then the plug-in manager will display the below provided message
      12. On select 'Yes', the lower version of the plug-in will the replaced with higher version.
      14. Remove a plug-in

      15. The remove button in the Plug-in manager helps in removal of a plug-in.
      17. On removal of a plug-in, CloudBuddy Personal needs to be restarted.