CB Analytics - Installation Guide

Welcome to CloudBuddy Analytics, your window to all your S3 access statistics- Bucket-wise. And its really wise that you have come upto this point and chosen to install it. This will help you through the installation process.

System Requirements.

CloudBuddy is currently a Windows-based free Bucket-explorer tool for Amazon`s Cloud Services. It has been developed using the Microsoft .NET Framework (Version 3.0) and C#.

CloudBuddy enables:

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP or above
  • Architecture: x86

Installation Steps

Download the latest version of CloudBuddy Analytics.Double Click on the installer. You will get the following CloudBuddy Analytics Welcome Screen. Click Next to Proceed.

The following screen requires you to provide the Strawberry Perl path, i.e., the Path where the "site" is contained within your Strawberry Perl. Click on Next.

NOTE: You have download links to the prerequisites here.

The license is displayed here. Read it. You choose to Agree or Cancel at this stage. Agree to proceed with the installation.

Specify where you would want CloudBuddy Analytics to be installed. Click Install to proceed.

This is the installation progress screen.

The Finish screen will thank you for installing the CloudBuddy Analytics and also give you a tip on how to start with CloudBuddy Analytics.

Thanks for installing CloudBuddy Analytics. The User Manual will guide through on how to use it.