CloudBuddy platform comprises of powerful and flexible tools to leverage and exploit the Amazon Cloud Services offering. We stay committed in assuring our platform would harness your Cloud Computing Technology in simple ways.

The CloudBuddy platform is brought to you by CSS Corp Labs, the research arm of CSS Corp Pvt Ltd.

Now CloudBuddy Personal support new Amazon Route 53 service

Our Offering

CloudBuddy Personal

CloudBuddy Personal is a free tool that brings Amazon S3 cloud to your desktop.

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CloudBuddy Analytics

A comprehensive reporting tool to analyze where you spend the most in your S3 Account.

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CloudBuddy Enterprise

A way to store, retrieve and share content securely using Amazon S3 Cloud.

Why CloudBuddy?



In pursuit of excellence, innovation is inevitable. It's all about doing things in a different way and that is what you experience with the CloudBuddy platform. We focus our thoughts to make CloudBuddy platform more interesting to our diversified user community, consisting of end users, developers and technologists.



"Necessity is the mother of Invention", and invention every time has been fueled by technology. CloudBuddy platform brings you the right solutions with the right technology at the right time. We at CSS Corp Labs, embrace conception of technology and believe in reshaping technology to make life smart and simple.


Professional Support

It's all to say that we don't stop with Innovation and making Technology work for you, but we stand up to ensure that a professional team is at your help. We have the luxury of leveraging our company presence in tech support space to assist you in adopting CloudBuddy products and platform. Write to us at or post your queries on CloudBuddy forum.

Whats New

Route 53 support

AWS EC2 Dashboard

S3 Website support

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CloudBuddy Plug-ins

CloudBuddy WebDAV

  • Can be mounted as a Web folder over the Network
  • Easy to share among the workgroup users
  • Multi user Support
  • Specify access previlage for Individual users
  • Supports all file operations
  • Windows Search Support
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CloudBuddy PowerShell

  • Command Line access to your S3 Accounts
  • Easy to use cmdlets
  • No need for seperate Account Configuration
  • Supports all bucket operations
  • Reliable Upload/Download via CloudBuddy Personal Service
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